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The Face at the Window

altDirector: Radames Sanchez
Writer: Radames Sanchez y Carlos Camunas

Release Date: 1998 (theatrical released)
Studio: Radolcam, Inc.
Genre: Mystery, Terror
Run Time: 83 minutes

Starring: Idee Charriez, Axel Anderson, Eugenio Monclova, Ivonne Petrovich

Tagline: An act of creation can be deadly…

Price: $19.95

Plot Outline: Sylvia is writing her first novel. This will uncover dark secrets from her family’s past; a past that now return to haunt her. Disturbing, strange, frightening ghost story set in an exotic Spanish colonial city by the sea. A tale of mystery and terror that will keep you guessing from the star to end.       

Format:  English, Full length, Color, NTSC    
Region:  Region 1 (US and Canada Only)

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